Thursday, October 13, 2016

2017 Yearbook

The 2017 Yearbook is underway!  Seven WHS students are working hard to begin creating a yearbook that is meaningful for all students!  This year the students are creating a yearbook that covers each week of the school year.  They are hoping they will have more coverage of various events.  It will look different, but they are hoping it will be a better picture of what happens throughout the year at WHS!  
Yearbook students had their annual ad sales day and sold $5000 in ads to help cut down the costs of yearbooks for students. In addition, students attended a yearbook seminar held at Buena Vista University, where they learned the basics of the yearbook program.  They also had the opportunity to talk to other schools and view their yearbooks.


WHS Students who attended the BVU seminar include: Paola Montes, Jacque Lopez, Dylan Nelson, Josie Kindwall, Dax Johannsen, and Skylar Gerdes.  Not pictured: Emily Westphal.

Friday, September 30, 2016

What’s Left in My Check

What’s Left in My Check

Consumer math students have been busy over the last couple weeks weeks calculating all the deductions that are taken out of a person’s paycheck. They started by using the current federal tax withholding tables to calculate how much federal income tax is deducted weekly. Students also learned a couple different ways that state taxes are calculated along with what percent of a person’s paycheck is taken out for social security and medicare. Students finally had to calculate all the deductions from a paycheck and see how much a person actually got paid. We are now taking a look at the federal income tax form and figuring out if a person will get a refund have to pay. Students are really appreciating knowing a few of these things before they graduate high school and a few are confident enough to do their own tax returns next year.

Friday, September 2, 2016

WHS Football

Cherokee, Washington
08/26 @ Storm Lake
09/02 @ Okoboji, Milford
09/09 Home, Pocahontas Area/L-M
09/16 Home, Sioux Center
09/23 @ MOC-Floyd Valley
09/30 @ Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley
10/07 Home, Central Lyon/George-Little Rock
10/14 @ Estherville Lincoln Central
10/21 Home, Sheldon

We are excited to start a new year of Braves football.  The kids have been working very hard and they are a great group of kids to be around.  We really appreciate all the support we receive from the student body, administration, and the community. Go Braves! ​

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Bio students

These are the anatomy and physiology (Bio 169) students dissecting rats as an introduction to organ systems.  Thank you to the Education Foundation for providing funds for lab materials such as these.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Harvest Publication

Taylor Christensen, Nathanael Reusch, Alexis Pingel, Tyler Nolder were selected to have work published in the Harvest Student Publication.   Harvest is an annual compilation of students' writing and artwork coordinated and produced by Northwest AEA

Group is Taylor Christensen, Nathanael Reusch, Alexis Pingel, and Tyler Nolder

Alexis Pingel- writing -third picture
Tyler Nolder- Art work - fourth picture
Nathanael Reusch- Writing - fifth picture
Taylor Christensen- Art work - sixth picture

Friday, May 13, 2016

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Fine Arts Night 2016

 The FINE ARTS NIGHT held on Tuesday May 3 at WHS was a HUGE success. The music concert and art show were held on the same night. The 9-12 art show opened in the gym at 4 and closed at  9 pm. The concert started at 7 in the auditorium. The Art students did all the work of taping, hanging, and displaying the work. They did a GREAT job! THANK YOU to all who came and showed their support for all these talented young artists. Many hours of hard work and sacrifices go into this. Enjoy a few pictures below from the evening.