Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Summer Math Engagement

Last week I wrote about  about keeping students engaged in Reading throughout the summer, but we don't want to forget about Math either. This year some of the classroom teachers used a website called "Khan Academy". This website provided a variety of videos demonstrating how to solve math problems, it also provide students chances to practice skills.

This summer I found another website that use "Khan Academy" but it is in a different type of format this website is for students who have completed 2-5 grades. Another site that is useful for k-5 is
We also have a variety of resource on our school website for students to use throughout the summer.
If you feel that your child is on the computer to much, providing them with meaningful task such as counting out items throughout the house, toy boxes, socks, crayons can help keep them using math. Have the children help you with the grocery list from the ad's in the paper and figure out how much the items they want will cost. Using chalk outside to do addition and subtraction problems is another activity to use with kids. Counting change is always a good activity to use with kids too.

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