Thursday, December 18, 2014

Films as Literature

Each year students in Films as Literature class at Washington High School write, produce, film, and edit a movie.  The class is offered to juniors and seniors and is instructed by Jaylene De Vos.  During the Spring Semester there were  24 students involved in the class and 8 movies were produced.   Students use video cameras, music, and the I-Movie program on Mac computers to complete this project.  They also have a lot of fun creating a screenplay based on the groups personal interests.  At the end of the 2014 Fall semester, students in the Films classes viewed and critiqued each student film.  Their final task was to vote on awards for the films.  The Filmey’s are awarded to students in these categories, Best Picture, Best Screenplay, Best Action, Best Comedy, Best Editing, Best Soundtrack, Best Actor, and Best Actress.  

Films as Literature
Front Row: L to R: Tala Marlin, Jordan Weaver, Taylor Hirschman, Ashley Wharton, Hannah Burkhart,
Mikki HInkhouse, Kasha Shear
Middle Row: L to R: Caleb Smith, Levi Murphy, Austin Hamilton, Brenten Barglof, Adam Cedar, Tyler Smith, Jesse Foxhoven, Brandan Mallison, Tyler Olson
Back Row: L to R: Calvin Chalstrom, Brendan Rupp, Cody Johnson, Brett Barritt, Brady Lundquist,
Alex Sorgdrager, Devin Thunder

Below are the pictures and labels for each winning group or winner.
Best Picture, Best Editing, Best Soundtrack:
Driven Over the Edge by Tyler Smith and Austin Hamilton
Best Screenplay:
Alone by Hannah Burkhart

Best Editing, Best Comedy:
Time Bomb by Brady Lundquist, Brett Barritt, and Adam Cedar

Best Action:
Hidden by Brendan Rupp, Cody Johnson, Taylor Hirschman, Devin Thunder, Brandan Mallison

Best Comedy, Best Action, Best Screenplay:
Immunity: by Caleb Smith, Calvin Chalstrom, Levi Murphy, and Brenten Barglof

Best Actor and Actress:
Brenten Barglof for Immunity and Mikki Hinkhouse for Revenge

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